Wild, raw and beautiful

Do you have a dream of hiking in the mountains, and at the same time feel that it is a little out of your comfort zone? Do it together with Mountain Adventures.

Mountain Adventure takes you to the mountains to show what the mountains have to offer. It is wild, raw and beautiful. Being in the mountains is recreation at its best.

Often it’s just a dream. Mountain Adventure aims to realize dreams!

Mountain Adventures is a newly established mountaineering company owned and operated by Thor Arne Solberg (b. 1970) living in Os south of Bergen. The company offers tours during the summer season and the goal is to give individuals and small groups unique and safe experiences in challenging  mountain terrain, always with safety first!

Thor Arne has experience from several years as a cross-country runner in Romsdal, Jotunheimen and Rosendal. He is used to hiking in high mountains in all types of weather, summer and winter. He has also worked for 10 years as a fire and rescue worker. With this, he has a lot of experience in rescue and first aid, something that is important for a good mountain guide.

Climbing is one of Thor Arne’s hobbies in his spare time, and he likes to climb on natural habitats. He also climbs solo.

Thor Arne has taken climbing courses and tour guide courses through DNT.

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