Bjørnafjorden Makerspace

Skaparstovo is a makerspace, a creative workshop, a community workshop, and a shared space for entrepreneurs, creators, creatives, and hobbyists gathered in the center of Os.

Skaparstovo offers digital and analog creative activities for hobbyists, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs. They focus on innovation and tradition, new acquisitions, prototyping, sustainability, and repairs.

They work towards a more inclusive society where prolonging the life of what we have, reusing or repurposing, is done through mutual respect, knowledge sharing, and a willingness to share available resources.


  • Electronics Corner:

Here, anyone with an interest in electronics can explore. They have oscilloscopes, soldering irons, Arduino boards, cables, connectors, components, and a variety of spare parts from printers, projectors, screens, stereos, and more.

  • Airbrushing:

They have a dedicated airbrushing station with a compressor for painting everything from miniatures to artworks. Many possibilities here!

  • Woodworking:

A large woodworking workshop equipped with various tools and equipment. Among the equipment you can find a miter saw, router, angle grinder, welding machine, planer, drills, router table, sanding machines, lathe, and bandsaw.

  • Sandblasting:

They have a large sandblasting cabinet capable of glass etching, rust removal, and more

  • Laser Engraving:

They have a small 1st-generation Cubiio laser engraver with a 10×10 cm engraving area. An A3 Eleksmaker laser engraver that can engrave on mosts materials.

  • Heat Presses:

everal heat presses are available, including a large mug press, a professional-grade press, a smaller rotary press, 2 cap presses, and more for printing on textiles, glass, mugs, and other items.

  • Sewing Machines:

Skaparstova has various Singer sewing machines, both old and more recent models. As well as a Janome Mylock 664D overlock machine.

  • Bookbinding:

They offer bookbinding equipment such as book presses, spine presses, clamps, bone folders, needles, awls, glue, and more.

  • Vinyl Cutter:

A GCC Expert II LX with a 70cm cutting area, using Sure Cuts a Lot software,

and a Cricut Air 2 with a 300mm cutting area.

  • CNC Router:

An Xcarve 1x1M CNC router capable of engraving and milling in both wood and aluminum.

  • Screen Printing:

They have a complete screen printing workshop, including 2 screen printing machines, up to 4 colors, a drying machine, light tables, and advanced heat presses.

  • 3D Printers:

Prusa MK3S(+) 3D printers with pinda sensors for auto-leveling.

  • Laser Cutter:

A 130w CO2 laser with a 1390 x 900 cutting area capable of cutting and engraving on various materials such as MDF, plywood, hobby boards, acrylic, glass, bottles, tiles, and more.

Øyro 5
5200 Os

T: +47 94 25 36 18