Eikedalen Ski Resort

Eikedalen Ski Resort is located in Samnanger municipality, at the entrance to Kvamskogen, the mountain plateau between Samnanger and Hardanger. The ski center has Northern Europe’s 10. longest chairlift.

Facilities at Eikedalen Ski Resort:

  • Ski school: The ski school offers instruction for beginners and intermediate skiers in alpine skiing, and most weekends for snowboarding as well.
  • Ski trails: 15 km of trails and a terrain park.
  • Dining: 2 dining establishments, “Varmestuen” and “Alpinisten.”
  • Ski rental: Rental of alpine skiing equipment.
  • Parking: Free parking with space for 1700 cars.

Kråvegen 108

5650 Tysse

T: 56588862