A little piece of Norway

Visit Bjørnafjord is beautifully situated in Western Norway, just south of Bergen. The destination includes the new large municipality Bjørnafjorden Municipality, with Os and Fusa, and Samnanger Municipality. Here you will find mountains, fjords and waterfalls, which Western Norway is so famous for. But you will also find culture and history, downhill skiing center, water park, culture house with a diverse program, archipelago, boating and fishing. In Visit Bjørnafjord you get a small piece of Norway in miniature, only 40 minutes from Norway’s second largest airport and city, the well known city of Bergen.

The fjord is used for travelling and the mountains create a beautiful frame around the whole setting.


Discover Bjørnafjorden

See the construction of Norway’s national boat

The Oselvar workshop takes care of knowledge about the construction, use and repair of the Oselvar boat. Open for guided tours by appointment.

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Back to the 19th century

Engevik Gaard is a proud family business that since 1993 has enjoyed offering guided tours and food service for small and large groups. The official’s farm stands today as it was around the middle of the 19th century, without disturbing elements; – an idyllic place by the fjord.

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Guided tours in the western mountains

Mountain Adventure takes you to the mountains to show what it has to offer. It is wild, raw and beautiful. Being in the mountains is recreation of the highest class. The mountains and nature are like pure medicine.

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Join the hunting

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Visit Bjørnafjord on the map


Samnanger is a municipality in Midthordland in Vestland county. It borders Vaksdal in the north, towards Kvam in the east, towards Bjørnafjorden in the south, and towards Bergen in the west. The municipality is located by the Samnangerfjord.


Bjørnafjorden is a municipality in Midthordland in Vestland county which was established on 1. of January 2020 by merging the municipalities of Os and Fusa. The name indicates that the municipality is located by the Bjørnafjord. Bjørnafjorden borders Bergen in the northwest, Samnanger in the north, Kvam in the east, Kvinnherad in the southeast and Tysnes and Austevoll over the Bjørnafjord in the south.

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