Barrel yard

Tønnegarden offers experiences and traditional food in pleasant premises. They make barrels and barrel furniture and bake bread, lefse, flatbread and cakes.

Craftsmen at work

Tønnegarden is an economuseum and exhibition center. Meet inspired craftsmen who are passionate about traditional crafts. As a visitor, you get to learn about the craft and experience the production, see a barrel being made! We want to show you the history of the barrel, while giving you a unique experience.

All the senses can be put to good use when you visit us - there's a wonderful smell of wood, the structure of the wood is good to touch, you can hear the hammer beating, and you can see the wood shavings burning brightly as they heat up the barrel. In the farm shop, there's a good chance that your taste buds will also have a good experience.

Barrels can be purchased in our store, we have barrels in different sizes, stamps, barrel chairs, and other products for sale. There may be some delivery time on the barrel products.

Guided tour of the barrel production

See a barrel being made - from rod to barrel with history.

Group up to 15 people
Kr. 1500,-
Group up to 25 persons
Kr. 2000,-

We have room for many, but if the group is large (over 25) we recommend splitting into two groups for the best possible experience.

Rental of premises

Guest room

  • Number of people: 15 - 80

Meeting room

  • Number of people: up to 80
  • Large and small groups

Hand tool traditions from Bjørnafjorden

The art of making barrels is dying out, but at Tønnegarden there is large-scale production! Here we have a great viewing center in new premises. In the new workshop, the cooper offers guided tours of the barrel factory. Here you can see the craftsman at work and get a unique introduction to the art of bookmaking. Knowledge and craftsmanship have been passed down from generation to generation. Jostein and Oddvar are the fourth and fifth generations of bookmakers, and they've brought along their apprentice Endre to keep theold tradition alive.

We also have bright and pleasant premises for parties. Here you can enjoy a traditional dining experience with delicious stone-baked bread, lunch or dinner from our menu.

stone ovens

At the heart of the building is our wood-fired bakery oven. The oven is used for everything from fantastic pizzas baked at 350-400 degrees and delicious rustic bread, to long-term roasting of meat, roasts and desserts etc. The heat, smell and smoke that rises from the chimney when we fire it is an important part of our history. Here, smoke rises daily from the chimney, from the bakery, or from the barrel production.

Western fjord cattle

The farm has always been used for dairy and meat production. Today, we have around 10 suckler cows of the Westland fjord cattle breed.

Vestlandsk Fjordfe is an old breed of cattle that has been threatened with extinction, but is now enjoying a new renaissance due to its tasty and distinctive meat. The breed is somewhat smaller than many other breeds, but has a beautiful appearance and marbled meat.
We focus on ensuring that our animals are well cared for in order to achieve the best possible quality. In the summer, they get to go out in the open. Fresh air and plenty of good grass produce good milk and tasty meat.

We have the meat for sale in our farm shop. We also make ready-made products such as meatballs, meatballs, patties, casseroles, pizza and more. We also use a lot of deer meat in our products. You can often see the deer just outside our door.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday

09 - 16 (otherwise by appointment)

Catering and guided tours must be booked in advance

Samnøyvegen 60
5642 Holmefjord

T: 97 11 11 53